Alphabet Soup Learning Center

Academic Development: Alphabet Soup's preschool program is distinct
because it is centered on high moral standards seeking to encourage
self worth and respectability. Special emphasis is placed upon building
strong language skills, phonics-based reading readiness, meaningful and
concrete math understandings, and fine motor skills development to
facilitate real writing skills. Music, computer and library supplement
the core curriculum.

Physical Development: Children enjoy regular opportunities for vigorous
play and to develop gross motor skills during playground time and creative
movement exercises. We will offer daily nutritious meals and snacks,
included in the regular tuition, foster good eating habits as well as for
growing bodies.

Spiritual and Social Development: We want children to recognize that Christ
is continually present with them. Correspondingly, classroom standards reflect
acceptance, provide limits and encourage respect for one another.

Alphabet Soup Learning Center would like to revolutionize the way we provide
for our children. We view daycare as a chance for children to develop a sense
of independence as well as build important relationship skills, but the benefits
can be extended to parents as well. We would like our parents to have a more
active role in the daycare realm.

What better way for parents to be involved in their children's activities than to
be able to watch them play? To achieve this goal, we will provide the option of
viewing your child live on the internet through web cams. Parents can go to our
daycare's web site and watch their child at play. Don't worry: Safety is not an
issue. Only parents of children currently enrolled will have access to the vistor
password, which changes every 2 months, that opens the web cam.

We would like for Alphabet Soup Learning Center to be considered your children's
home away from home. Our goal is that your children will feel the same way with
us as they do with you. We do not consider it a burden to watch your children, but
feel it as an honor and a privilege to provide the best care possible in the safest
environment possible for your children.